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Stand Up Paddle in the Royal National Pa

Awaken your inner Explorer with an exciting tour down the Hacking River, in Royal National Park, with your knowledgeable M8 Explorer guides. Discover beautiful waterways, see wild life and paddle down the River.

This action tours get underway with a paddle along the serene waters of the Hacking River in Royal National Park.
Immerse yourself in this tremendous diversity of plants and animals.


Get Ready - Stand Up Paddle.png

After going through some techniques and safe procedures, we start our 2.5km journey down the river (one way).

As we reach the other end, we may feel like splashing some water on each other and let the sense of achievement take over. Now, you have earned to relax by the river, soak in these beautiful moments, while having your breakfast on the riverbank, before been taken back to our meeting point for goodbye.

M8 Explorer is a licensed commercial tour operator with a Park Eco Pass so, don’t worry, we got this!

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