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Our main differential as a business is our approach to tours. All our activities are planned in a way that our clients interact with each other and are encouraged to connect to other tour-goers. By the afternoon, we are friends, sharing an amazing experience together.

We take connecting people to people and people to nature very seriously in everything that we do. The bond created throughout the day encourages people to share moments and experiences with each other, affecting their experience and state of mind.


We always aim to leave things better than we found them, and that includes leaving people with a positive mark.




We understand we live in a beautiful and blessed country, surrounded by green and blue, not having to go far to enjoy and contemplate nature. However, living costs in Sydney could be quite high, leading us to a busy lifestyle.

In addition to high costs of living, international students are often faced with other challenges while in Australia, as they have a commitment with schools and their studies that demand a reasonable amount of time and effort, often on a tight budget.

The experience of international students in Australia often becomes quite stressful due to the responsibilities and uncertainties that come with the challenges of studying in a different country and experiencing a different culture.

We endeavour to break this pattern and provide our clients with unforgettable experiences of connecting with nature, exploring the wonders of Australia while gathering like-minded people who are sharing the same life experience and have the same mental attitude.

The result is a unique experience connecting people to people and people to nature.


Our tours and services are also suitable for corporate groups for team building activities. We work with corporate organisations, creating a tailored service to their needs, taking work teams on activities of leisure, sharing our principles of leaving things better than you found them as a means of inspiring people in their day-to-day work related activities. An excellent opportunity for companies to provide their valued employees with an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to relax, appreciate nature and bond.



Beside all these going on out here, we understand that there are plenty of places, which we describe as pieces of heaven on earth, where we can retreat and recharge our souls with the best sort of energy we can get from those experiences.
We are very keen to introduce you to some of the special places around the world. A true opportunity to dive into exploring and experiencing different cultures.

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