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Get ready for an exciting tour of Figure Eight Pools in Royal National Park, with your knowledgeable M8 Explorer guides, discover beautiful rocks formations, see wild life and be amazed with the beautiful Burning Palms Beach.


This experience gets underway with a refreshment on the river bank, surrounded by tremendous diversity of plants and animals.

After enjoying the peaceful and scenic surroundings in Audley, travel with your friendly Mate Tours guides to the starting point of your trek, to the coast and Figure Eight Pools. Be sure to have a camera ready to capture amazing views along the way.

This walk is demanding in places, but the reward is a chance to safely experience these uniquely beautiful rock pools. It’s a great place to linger, take a dip, and snap some photos of the stunning scenery. Your heavenly day out also includes a visit to wild and beautiful Burning Palms Beach.

This guided tour with Mate Tours will awaken your inner adventurer, while ensuring your trip to Figure Eight Pools is safe.

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