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Dear adventurous client,

Here is what we have in-place for you, in case your tour gets impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

Please note that our COVID-19 policy overrules our normal terms and conditions, given the unexpected conditions of travel restrictions and the impact this has on our normal offerings as a tour operator.

Please note also our policy offers one of the two options detailed below and not a monetary reimbursement of the tour cost.


Mate Tours reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any trip in order to comply with the government’s policy of COVID-19 control.

We will be complying with the government’s decision of extending containment measures. So, we will be contacting our providers in order to reschedule any adversely impacted dates. This may require some flexibility on the initially selected dates.


With the aim of better serving you within this period of evolving changes, as a gesture of faith, Mate Tours is offering two options in the scenario that your tour is impacted:

1: In case your tour can not go ahead due to COVID-19 restrictions, we want to ensure that you can reschedule your tour date without any additional charge. We also will prioritise your booking over a new one, to better accommodate you.

2: In case you feel like stepping back for a while or doing something else, you are also welcome to try some of the other awesome experiences available in our portfolio. If you prefer this option, a travel voucher worth the same value as the Snow Trip will be issued to you.


* Terms & Conditions for the Travel Voucher:


- Travel Voucher will be 100% valuet of the original trip purchased;


- Your Travel Voucher can be transferred to another person. It can be done by either trading or in the form of a gift;


- Your Travel Voucher will be valid for 12 months from the issued date, giving you enough flexibility to enjoy your favourite destination over the best time of the year. Please let us know if you need extra time.




Mate Tours


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